Security Bugs and Trolls!

Due to some moronic people in this world, I have had to redirect a few websites that I host to this page and take them down to be completely redone. These are websites that were free and no one was profiting from any of them. They actually cost me money to run for others.

Those pages will be redone and I will remove the redirects as soon as I get the chance. And to those that caused this by preying on other internet users and costing people millions world wide...

F**K Y*U!

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Welcome to! This page is the home of Lilmix Pixelmaid and the hub for current projects and interests.

You may have been looking for Little Mix. The UK pop band consisting of Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and my favorite Jade. But I'm sorry to disappoint... I'm not them. I've used the handle 'Lilmix' for quite a few years longer than they have been singing as a group.

I may set up a place for fans to gather if there is enough interest though. One of my hobbies include web development. I would be more than happy to offer a forum using one of my domain names to the right admins. Hit the contact link at the top if you're interested. I would defiantly prefer some previous experience, but everyone has to start somewhere so it's not required.

Seedbox and torrents.

I like to share my favourite music with others (legally of course) via torrent P2P networks. I am able to upload 24/7 by using a cheap service known as a seedbox. Check out for great deals through GBox.

I’ve been with them almost a year and haven’t had any issues since day 1! They are easy to setup and use and provide all of your torrents with round the clock uploads at 100Mb/s as well as being able to download at 1000Mb/s!

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Re style!

Ok so it's about time I restyled my website. I was thinking of going with another CMS solution but due to some other projects I have ongoing I was in the process of creating my own customised CMS for myself. at the moment, for the most part the site is a static page with minimal php or MySQL involved but that will change.

I plan to make this the hub or centre of my personal and community projects. I run a couple of websites for people or groups at no cost to them. Mostly for the sake of learning and providing something useful to others. I am also interested in Web development, Electronics, Anime, Music, Cars, Motorbikes, Snowboarding, Cosplay and a WHOLE lot of other things. I never like to limit myself Lol.

There will be a combination of pages about any projects I have going on as well as other sites and references to other peoples projects that interest me. And of course I'll include social media content and tutorials if I can.